Monday, 4 June 2007

Glammin' It Up

Glammin' (or should that be Hammin'?) it up on Saturday night
No climbing this weekend I am afraid as Emma my gorgeous, long standing/suffering partner and myself got glammed up for a night out in town for a friend's birthday. The club we went to is called Vegas!- a kind of retro, swinging, rat-packing, go-go dancing, 50's theme nightclub for which you can see, we got suitably attired. Now, most of my friends know that I like my House and Techno, but hot-damn, the place was jumping, man! If you want a different night out with a bit of old school glamour then go here and guys, there was a one-to-ten:men/women ratio going on, so ditch your trainers and practise your best Dean Martin moves ...
I'd like to think that we've both gone upmarket in our choice of evening leisure destination since the old days when we used to get dressed up to go to the bus stop in Leith*:

Getting ready for a night out in Leith (Aye, I know, I look scarily realistic!)

(*Actually the Alien Rock 10th Birthday Party 2004, fancy dress theme: Bad Taste!)

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