Monday, 28 May 2007

Jumping On The Bandwagon

Something Steep and Sexy at Gorge du Tarn, France (Planet Groove 7c+) (Richardson Coll.)

Hello Folks and welcome to my Blog. Yes, it's finally happened, I caved in to the power of a fad, to pressure from my friends and family and to the desire not to be staring into the dusty distance as the wagon disappears over the horizon although I may only have caught the rear axle and I am being forced to hold on for dear life... thus I enter the Scottish Climbing Blog Community.

So who am I? I hear some of you ask, why should I feel the need to share with the public my adventures? My innermost thoughts? And my deepest, no forget about that last one. Well, I have been climbing for 12 years, mostly Trad in Scotland, but also enjoy Sport and Bouldering when I get the chance. I have done new routes across Scotland and I am always trying to push my grade, onsight stylee (sic), especially abroad on lovely bolted limestone. I love reading and talking about climbing so much that I decided it was time to bore everyone even more by writing about it on a regular basis.

In this blog I hope to enthrall you with my latest climbing adventure; stimulate your imagination on climbing and possibly spark debate with my opinions on climbing in Scotland. This will probably be done with a smattering of geek-boy-science-fiction references, which anyone who has shared a car journey with me can testify to. So I will now away and mediate on what my first proper blog posting is to be...

Something Steep and Mingin' at Dumbarton (King Kong fb8a) (Hot Aches Images)

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